The dairy sector of Pakistan is a vital part of our country’s economy. It is a lifeline to feeding our ever growing population and a means to develop another export industry which can usher in prosperity and economic balance. The PDA, formed a couple of decades ago, was conceived as an association of the stakeholders of this industry and its many segments – a forum for all the leaders of the dairy industry to help guide and regulate this sector for the future. Today I feel both humbled and proud to have been appointed to lead this Association as its Chairman in its most critical phase of development. I am grateful to the members of the PDA for entrusting their leadership to me and pledge to help this Association and Pakistan’s dairy industry realize its potential and fulfill its commitment to the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan is undergoing socio-economic changes, including urbanization and population boom ,which has since translated into huge demands for food – particularly dairy products, as our society is traditionally a dairy friendly culture.

Mr. Sulaiman Sadiq Monnoo
Chairman PDA

The first thing that is immediately noticeable is the fact that nearly all of the industry is informal and vastly under-utilized, and the huge potential for the formalized and regulated industry. This is the over-whelming challenge that we face in the current market scenario. An inexcusable 95% of our dairy produce is consumed by private households through informal milk sellers – No taxes, no standardization and no check-and-balance exists. On top of this, nearly 20% of our milk production is wasted on a daily basis – which is far too high for the world’s 5th largest dairy industry.

The lack of efficiency in our processes and the failure to adopt the best modern farming and livestock practices have left the dairy sector in a difficult state, with inefficiency and low productivity failing to address demands. For instance, high cost of the primitive production methodologies being used are affecting the price of milk negatively, while the lack of legal controls to stop contamination or adulteration are leading to substandard quality and illegal profiteering. In this scenario, our goal would be to enhance the Association’s coordination between the main stakeholders of the industry and the Provincial and Federal Government regulatory bodies so that rather than limiting the Government’s ability to address these problems directly, preventing the sector’s evolution and growth, we can collectively work towards the continued growth and betterment of our sector. This is why the PDA’s role as a representative body for the dairy sector is more vital now than ever before – Not just to save the sector from this myriad of problems, but to utilize its potential for dairy and livestock export as well. In addition, the Association must also work closely with provincial and federal investment boards to mobilize foreign and local investment for the dairy sector. As Chairman, my aim is to work with a holistic vision towards these objectives, in an environment of cooperation and diligence along with the other stakeholders and members of the PDA.