The aims and objectives for which the Association was formed are:-

  1. To diffuse among the members information effecting their trade, commerce and industry and to collect, print, publish, issue and circulate papers, periodicals, books, statistics and such other publications as may be deemed to be conducive to the objects of the Association.

  2. To render technical, managerial, supervisory and advisory assistance to members for competitiveness in the market.

  3. To frame and enforce rules and regulations with a view to regularizing the purchase and sale of the products and to make changes therein from time to time in the interest of trade, commerce and industry and the public.

  4. To advance, develop, protect, safe guard and promote the rights, interests and privileges of Pakistan Dairy Association.

  5. To comply with all the requirements of the Trade Organization Ordinance 2006 read with Trade Organization rules 2007 as amended from time to time, and directives issued, there under.

  6. To collaborate with R & D Organizations, bodies in private and public sector & NGO at national, regional or global level for the socio-economic improvement of rural masses through uplift of live, took sector from family subsistence to economically viable production and awareness.

  7. To co-operate with other charitable trusts, societies, associations, institutions or companies formed for all or any of these objects and statutory authorities operating for similar purposes and to exchange information and advice with them.

  8. To provide opportunities for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and ideas gained from experiments and experience through meetings, conferences, seminars and for collaboration between persons and/or institutions interested in research & planning and those in production, processing and marketing.

  9. To take such actions as are considered necessary to raise the status or to promote the efficiency of the Association. 

  10. To carry out all such other lawful functions as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objects.