Pakistan Dairy Association (PDA) was established & registered in 1985-86 under Companies Ordinance 1984 at Ministry of Commerce under licence No. 103 dated 27th March 1985 & was also registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan in 1986-87 under licence No. L-210 dated 10th November 1986 as a non-profit organization having members all over Pakistan to provide a forum for dairy sector and allied agro fields, professionals as well as farmers for the determination of knowledge and ideas in Research & Development, production, processing and marketing. One of the objectives of PDA is to establish strong backward & forward linkages amongst all the stakeholders in private as well as public sector and livestock farmers which ultimately result in uplift of socio economic standards of rural masses leading to substantial increase in national economy. After implementation of new Trade Organizations Ordinance 2009, PDA applied and got new licence No. 150 dated 9th February 2011 issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan granted under section 3(2)(d) of the Trade Organizations Ordinance 2009. 

Dairy sector is one of the most important sectors of Pakistan which impacts more than 10 million families. There are many companies in Pakistan who purchase milk from farmers for value addition through processing. The dairy industry is providing packed milk to its consumers in the shape of UHT, Pasteurized, Tea Whitener & Flavoured milk. The industry is also producing Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Cheese, Butter & miscellaneous food items for infants, children etc. 

Milk is the most perishable food item having a life of 4 hours under room temperature. Pakistan is 3rd largest milk producing country in the world with more than 54 billion litters production (Economic Survey of Pakistan 2015-2016) & 11.30% contribution in GDP .