Pakistan Dairy Association

Pakistan is the third largest milk producing nation in the world. Over 10 million farming families are producing +59 billion liters of milk annually (Economy survey of Pakistan) with 11.30% share in GDP Dairy farming is characterized by fragmented, smallholder farmers operating at subsistence level. Absence of dairy farming knowledge limits their opportunities for commercial benefits. A viable solution to these problems is a community. A Dairy Development programme.

Pakistan Dairy Association aims to empower and develop the small dairy farmers. It is a programme based on "one herd concept" targeted towards dairy farmers with small herd size.

Pakistan Dairy Association provides numerous services which include training programmes to improve competence, promote skill development, establishment of key infrastructure to facilitate dairy farmers and initiatives that are geared to animal care, better health, hygiene and modern farming practices. The educational programme is a key part of the Pakistan Dairy Association initiative, which imparts modern knowledge and helps farmers in increasing the yield per animal.